Service Experience

Clarence got his start in the boiler industry in 1977 when he joined the Navy. He trained on 600# and 1200# class ships repairing and maintaining pumps, valves, and turbines. As a 2nd Class Petty Officer, Clarence also trained in Human Resources and leadership.
After his 4 years in the Navy, Clarence worked for several combustion contractors in Connecticut, completing his largest startup to date, a 32 burner, 250MMBTU/HR natural gas and #2 oil boiler.
For 20 years, Clarence worked for the largest and oldest industrial burner manufacturer in the country. During this time, Clarence specialized in low & ultra-low NOx burners. Clarence's proficiency made him the industry expert on low NOx installations and startups.
During the last 13 years, Clarence has been the Service Manager and Business Development Officer for a Chicago based combustion contractor.
Clarence has 40 year experience in the industry and continues his passion as the President of his own combustion company. His goal is to help the customer acheive the highest levels of quality and safety. Clarence has had the honor of working with some of the brighest engineers and best technicians in the industry. His commitment is to mentor others in acheiving the same knowledge and success.


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